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Kev500 RF has certain characteristics when it travels through wires....RF aslo travels at one speed when it travels through wires which means there will be latency if the signal travels through a longer wire....Delay lines are used in high tech RF designs like 3G amplifiers, multi loop linear amplifiers, Feed Forward amplifiers, and multi carrier rack mount amplifiers....Simple delay lines are just a coiled RF line used to keep a multi block RF design in phaze because the signal is split and processed and when you re-group or combine the signal all of the re-grouped signals must be in phaze so that is where a delay line is used....There are also other Things to remember like RF deflection where is a group of signals off multiple antennas will need to have the same length signal wires going to a combiner or RX....If the signals do not meet at the combiner at the same time the slower signal or signals will be deflected.....RF deflection also happens when a signal wire is bent at too much of an angle....The signal will not pass through the angle ...It will just deflect .....Think of the signal wire as a water hose with a kink that stops the water.....It took me over 15 years to learn about RF and I was the assistant of many RF design engineers over the years and helped them with their design of many RF devices.....I have installed many high end WI-FI networks where the signal would have to span over 10 miles with the aid of amplifiers and fancy antennas....
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