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hi gws fanatic,
i fly my formosa on the stock 350 with an 8cell kan 1050 pack. she gained 1.6oz after fiberglassing with 0.75 and paint. that was first attempt at glassing, so i'm sure you can get it way under that if you have had some experience. she seems to fly well like this without evidence of being underpowered.
with regard to your brushless question, either one (razor 400 or himaxx) will fit into a gws gearbox 300/350 size gearbox without any problems. i have a razor 2500, himaxx 2015-4100 and himaxx 2025-4200 that all fit into the gws gearboxes. in my lowly opinion, the himaxx is a better deal because 1) the razors keep going up in price and 2) the razors are back-ordered everywhere (i've still got a backordered razor 2500 from nov 11 that i just cancelled).
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