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Michael - Thanks a million! I just ran som analysis on the 3 lobe unit and now have some more thinking to do.

It appears that when the lobes are skewed the resonate as all real at 4-5% longer than their electrical wavelength. They also show a standard 120 ohm impeadance for a full wave loop. Thus the antenna resonates ate 1280 MHz, but at only 38 ohm impeadnce.

So now begs the question: Is it better to use 2 loops .1 wavelength over a ground plane? Should I orient them 180 degrees apart or 90 degrees? My thought is that this would lose circularity.

The other option is to allow the antenna to resonate with a complex impedance. My thought for this is that it would not be very efficient. Any ideas?

By the way, how did you get the circularity plots?

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