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Thanks Finster,
The charger stopped right after posting my message. So it took 1.5 hrs to "completely" charge the camera. You're right, the LED doesn't go completely off.

But disappointing is that after disconnecting the charger, the camera recorded 0 video's. There was a lost file of 900 MB on the card. So in 1.5 hrs the charger couldn't even charge the camera enough for recording even 1 video..... So it doesn't completely charge the camera!

After this exercise I could charge 500 mAh in my AA battery...

So if I recalculate this 500 mAh @ 1.4V average to 5V, it's about 150 mAh @ 5V.... Minus the losses, it's indeed less than half the full capacity of the camera battery....

Perhaps -as Tom suggested- the emergency charger stops when the AA battery voltage is below a certain threshold. But then I have to conclude that this charger is of a poor design. Actually for me it's quite useless.....

So far my Eneloops are doing a very good job in all my electronics. So tend to suspect the $2 emergency charger......
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