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Originally Posted by eekflyer View Post
Very true....but.... This circumstance is something that can happen with most any R/C machine. A 12 lb. truck could have a throttle cable/servo failure and run out of control, a ball link can fail on a helicopter, a prop on your quadro copter could break in flight (ask me how I know). BTW, I've built the 12 lb. truck, the heli, and the quadrocopter. These issues are accepted R/C hobby risks that can somewhat be mitigated by safe flying techniques. Don't fly over people, too close to your face, keep a flight line, keep a safe kit, fly with a friend, etc. A failsafe is a great idea but the code better be bulletproof as well.
Having said that...this code base is moving at near speed of light with seemingly independent branches. Best to be testing, testing, testing. For those who aren't programmers, it may be better if you leave the code alone or not offer it up to others (those less experienced) to try at their risk. Not sure if the makers of Arduinos meant for them to be aircraft control platforms either. I've never checked the specs regarding shock and vibe, if they exist.
This is fascinating stuff... Just be careful out there!
I think building at least some kind of failsafe into the software is better than none at all, even if it is not perfect, its better than watching your couple pound rotorcraft (Flying food processor from the victums perspective) fly off in the direction of the school playground out of control.

Plus, should the worst happen, showing the judge and jury that there was at least some reasonable attempt at making your experiments safe will probably make you seem less irresponsible and potentially save you from the full fury of the angry plaintiffs.

Just something to think about, since we all know there is some serious risk involved.


PS: I had the idea that full yaw might be a good way for fail safe RX's to be configured since in that configuration failed roll or pitch is effectively canceled out and you will be on the ground very near where reception was lost and runaway throttle will not cause the copter to shoot off in any direction with the high rate of yaw occurring.
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