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Originally Posted by Isoprop View Post
This method does not work on my #11 HD (sealed with date sticker), received today. I start recording and about 15 seconds later I connect my Motorola wall charger. The red charging light on the camera comes on. After about 5 minutes the red light turns off. After a total time of 20 minutes the yellow light turns on, so I presume the camera changes to stand-by mode. I left the camera running for a total of 140 minutes but only got 20 minutes video (1 file) on my 32GB card. I repeated the test a second time. Same results.
I realize that my Motorola wall charger may use the data pins, but I very much doubt it. Viewed externally, the cable has 2 wires joined together, similar to a 2-wire flat mains cable, just smaller.
Could someone else please confirm that this method does indeed work. I have no luck
OK, I need to revise my post on this. I also confirmed that the camera will not restart a video after the 20 min. stop/save function if a generic USB charger is plugged in after the camera recording is first started manually. It will power the camera to allow a recording to continue if the battery is nearly empty, but the stop/save function wakes up the camera to the fact that it's dedicated charger is NOT powering it, and it stops recording and goes into the flash drive mode, even if there are no data lines to communicate with. If we get continuous recording firmware to eliminate the stop/save/continue function, then the camera should continue to record with a generic USB charger, as long as the recording is manually started first before connecting the generic charger.

I also confirmed that my 4GB card will only hold 73min. and 5 sec. of video in my camera, which records with about 7060 kbps average total data rate.

Finally, I started recording with an empty 4GB card, a fully charged internal battery, and a fresh-off-the-charger Eneloop 2000 mAH AA cell in my emergency charger, and I only got two 20 min. recordings on the card. Since my camera will NOT save a file if it runs out of power, and I have tested to confirm the internal battery has enough power by itself to record two 20 min. clips plus about 5 minutes more before the internal battery stops recording, I can only conclude that the external charger with this high capacity AA cell does not even add 20 minutes of added recording time. The voltage on a freshly charged Eneloop 2000 mAH NiMH cell is 1.57 volts, and the cell after my recording test had a voltage of 1.27V. It must have still been charging the camera battery when the recording stopped, because the charger RED LED was still brightly lit. I plan to recharge the Eneloop AA cell and measure how much charge is put back in to see how much capacity was used. I think the problem may be the Eneloop cell is dropping voltage under load too much, and that causes the camera to shut down prematurely. The Eneloop cells have been criticized for this in other threads.
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