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Originally Posted by tom3holer View Post

Congrats on getting the Diawa. I did not realize they made one for our needs. I just bought a Bird with the proper elements on ebay. Got a couple of "N" to sma adapters and am anxious to see the actual output of my 900mhz Tx's.

Have you had a chance to evaluate the Saw filter mod on your 900mhz Rx?

If it would just warm up here maybe I could fly.......

The SAW mod helped some, but not much. I got better results with a Lawmate RX on the helical antenna than I did with my modded 1.3GHz standard RXs. Unfortunately the Lawmate does not play nice with the skew-planar wheel.

900MHz TX's are VERY sensitive to having the proper antenna. The output begins to drop immediately after the SWR drops below 1.2. I just tested my first ever Vee antenna and found the SWR was about 1.3 or so which dropped the TX output to 400mW. I tested it with my new Vees and got a VSWR of 1.05 and an output of 500mW at 12VDC.

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