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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Updated information as of 02/01/2011 in red below
... It has been discovered that the camera CAN charge AND shoot video with any +5V source with a generic USB plug configuration (i.e. +5V on pin #1), BUT you need to start a recording with the camera's internal battery first while disconnected from the USB plug, and THEN plug into the USB. The special car charger plug with non-standard USB plug configuration (i.e. +5V on pin #4) is not essential, although using that plug arrangement will allow the camera to charge and start recording while it is plugged in to the charger.
This method does not work on my #11 HD (sealed with date sticker), received today. I start recording and about 15 seconds later I connect my Motorola wall charger. The red charging light on the camera comes on. After about 5 minutes the red light turns off. After a total time of 20 minutes the yellow light turns on, so I presume the camera changes to stand-by mode. I left the camera running for a total of 140 minutes but only got 20 minutes video (1 file) on my 32GB card. I repeated the test a second time. Same results.
I realize that my Motorola wall charger may use the data pins, but I very much doubt it. Viewed externally, the cable has 2 wires joined together, similar to a 2-wire flat mains cable, just smaller.
Could someone else please confirm that this method does indeed work. I have no luck
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