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Welcome to the addiction I like your handle!

You set up sounds fairly good. If I may make a few suggestions:

1. Get a better camera. Any of the cameras in my the document will do well. I will be adding a few more soon.

2. Build my inverted Vee antenna for the TX. Or if you are really ambitious, build two skew-planar wheel antennas for the ultimate FPV performance. Tutorials are in my blog.

3. Put something stronger than 9 gram servos in the plane for control surfaces. I have had good success with the Bluebird 380MGs Hitec HS81's and Hitec HS82MGs. The reason is FPV planes tend to stay airpborne longer than a standard plane and you run a higher risk of burning up those servos. With the added equipment on board, a crash is more costly and thus well worth the investment of a better servo.

4. Consider a single battery setup using a power filter such as the "Sander style" filter. This just makes life easier for you by only having to keep track of one battery. It won't increase performance.

5. Get you HAM radio license if you don't already have one. Take about 10 practice tests online and then go take the real thing. It's fairly easy to pass.

Good luck. You are off to a great start!

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