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Originally Posted by IBCrazy View Post
An SWR reading really can be totally meaning less as well. I can put a 50 ohm resistor on the end of a coaxial line and get perfect SWR. We all know a resistor isn't an antenna.

Two antennas come to mind here: Yagis and helicals. Line up a set of yagi elements improperly and you can have a dummy load despite perfect SWR. Same thing with a helical. A poor shunt matched helical will have great SWR, but not resonate at all which I why I didn't cover it in the tutorial.

Still, nothing compares to a flight test (or a ground test). The skew planar wheel does wonderful on cheap RX units. Put it on a Lawmate RX and you have no signal at all. No modeling or SWR reading is going to tell you anything about a phenomenon like that.

So this design doesn't work well on the lawmate rx's? Is that correct?
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