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Originally Posted by kutyafal View Post
If you're familiar with the 2801pro and know how to set up helis in general then just set the collective and cyclic to 6, throttle curve to around 0-50-60-65-70 and pitch curve around 40-45-50-65-80 for normal mode. Set the RX pots to around 1 o'clock and your gyro gain on the radio both to around 70. Add around 30% expo on AIL, ELE and RUD and set your rudder DR to around 70% for a nice slow-ish tail.

Of course make sure you do the RX initial setup via the set button and radio properly. The best way is to put the RX in setup mode and while the red LED is blinking set the collective to around 10 and cyclic pitch to 8. Then do the RX setup steps. When finished use the swashmix menu along with a pitch gauge to dial everything down to the milder values.
Thanks a lot. This is my first experience with a FBL. I have programmed and flown the Creata for over a year but I am getting a little confused here.
I would be grateful if you could give me a step by step instruction of setting up the V450 with a new 2801 from scratch. Thanks in advance.
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