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Hi Tom,

Glad to see you are still at it and helping all of us videofiles. You helped me allot form the 5 in 1 days ) SO I'm concidering a new cam, is the newer version better, how can I be assured I'm ordering the latest version. ALso will I be imperssed with the new vid (think 5 in 1) Looks real exciteing, thanks for your help, reading as fast as I can )

Hi Steve,
I just finished re-focusing my new replacement camera. Quite honestly, I cannot see any visible difference in the videos between this newer one with different CMOS sensor compared with my original one. I just uploaded the following video which I shot with a very high contrast scene intentionally, both to test my re-focused camera, and also to see if this newer camera's native video has color that is very over-saturated with too much contrast like my original one (and it does!). All of these cameras have a central "hot spot" and vignetting in the corners. But as the following video shows, these artifacts are made much worse by the high color saturation and high contrast.

The top clip in the video is right off the camera, but rendered at half size during the clip combining. The bottom video is the same clip, but with post processing with the AviDemux editor using one filter to de-saturate the color and decrease the contrast, and another filter to add some sharpening to really bring out hidden detail.

Note how the central hot spot and vignetting is very visibly diminished by the color and contrast tweaks, and how detail in the shadow areas is made visible. The sharpening just makes the entire picture look a lot more crisp. This is best viewed on the Vimeo site in full screen mode with "scaling" toggled off, or download my original upload streamed to play on your local PC in full size and fidelity:

The post processing was done with the Avidemux editor. I used the "Mplayer eq2" color filter with contrast setting lowered to 90 and saturation setting lowered to 65, and the "Asharp" sharpening filter with its default settings.
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