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Originally Posted by IBCrazy View Post
Answer: Only 2 or 3 people in the world have ever acheived that range and it was with careful planning and lots of experience. 10-15 miles is unrealistic for even the most experienced FPV pilots. -Alex

There has got to be way more guys who have flown over 10 - 15 miles

Lots of guys just don't post on rc groups, but surely there are way more than 2-3 peolpe in the world Of course getting back home and landing where you took off from is the idea.

Its actually not that hard todo, as long as you have the right set up and experience with basic radioology.

The best way to do long range IMHo is baby steps, like just go further every time out and get used to the site and how to function with your fpv set up. Practicing with an rc car as an example is a great way to get to know your fpv set up , because it will alow you to get the best feel for the fpv set up. It really helps make you feel more comfortable when practicing fpv with an rc car.

You have to then be able to fly your plane flawlessly non fpv lots of times, then install fpv equipment and start fpv with a plane.

Not knowing your suroundings because of lack of flying around, takeing baby steps with distance is most likely one large problem guys have. You have to be cool at all times and alway know where you are in relation to home.

Winds have to be studied before the flight and haveing a wind sock or flag at the base is good as well.

Once you know your area, limits of the plane re battery consumption, winds etc. long range is not that hard.

osd with gps/rth etc. is a good thing, but not all long range guys need that. IMHO it just complicates things and could cause potential problems, because you should always be aware of your suroundings, even if you are 15 miles away. Your fpv set up should also be tested many times to make sure it is flawless and works for much longer than expected. If your flight is say 1.5 hours long your plane and ground station should be good for at least 2 hours.

This is my third year in rc and second for fpv, if I can do it anyone can

You do have to ask lots of questions and practice lots
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