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Quick flight report...

OK, quick... that is the operative word here. With the weather being a balmy 13 near where I live I took it out to the field where I could finally do some proper flight testing. Tell you my worries about not having enough collective or cyclic pitch are gone now.

I started with max settings (about 10 collective and 9 cyclic) and quickly landed it after a few circuits. Mucho quick. Then I dropped to like 6 on collective and 6 on cyclic and it was much better to get familiar with the bird. The RX pots were set to the middle. I had 35% expo on the controls. Had to drop the tail dual rate to 70% as it was super quick also.

At these settings the bird flew beautifully. Nice stable inverted hover, flips and rolls are quick enough still and axial. Even did Tic-Tocs OK but it needed more collective for that as it was still losing altitude. I think I will dial collective back up to 8 - 9 and the cyclic to 7 and it'll be perfect for 3D.

No problem with power at all! Absolutely no bogging but we'll see later with a bit more pitch. No bad tendencies at all. Tracks straight and true in fast flight both forward and back and inverted. I'm loving it so far.

It being initially tail heavy I added two big nuts as weight in the nose and it was a bit nose heavy for the test flight and therefore a bit sluggish in 3D. However for FFF it scoots like bat out of hell! I think in general and for 3D a slight tail heavy config will be much better.

I asked my son to shoot some video but he was cold and shaking so much that the footage is an incomprehensible blur. I'll try to get some next time with my helmet cam.

I hope Walkera gets the 500 out the door quick and with attention to quality as it should be a hoot with this RX. It's amazing how they got all the non-adjustable settings right where you don't need to be a programmer to configure 29 settings to make it fly right.

Here is to hoping!
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