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Also I'm trying to do the pin4-modification (with data lines absent) on a standard USB cable for use at the PC, but I don't get it to work (no charging at all). May be my limited soldering skills/equipment.
Has anyone done this successfully?
Can answer this myself now: successfully done.

I first tried to solder on the Mini-B plug of an USB cable I didn't use anymore, which was kind of difficult for me to get good access to. I broke off pins while trying to remove the "adhesive" around them. I also struggled with the smallness of the plug.
This time I disassembled one of the car chargers because I knew the Mini-B plug is already modified. I then soldered the +5V and Ground cables on an old A plug which for me was far easier to do.

Emptied the internal battery of the cam by letting it run. Plugged the modified USB cable in the PC USB slot. No LED comes on; I waited a few seconds, then turned on the cam (yellow LED), recorded for about 10 minutes, manually stopped it. Turned the cam off (yellow LED disappears), while its still connected to the PC via USB. No LED can be seen. So far same behavior as with the car charger in the car.
I will next test the close-and-continue function.

Close-and-continue works with the modified USB at PC. Just recorded 2 hours 10 minutes (7 files) on a 8GB Kingston card after using Jantares method to switch to the 7Mbps mode and with the internal battery empty. File sizes on the 6 20-minute-files are not 1.03 GB each but vary between 1.044.402 KB (smallest file) and 1.311.888 KB (biggest file).
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