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Originally Posted by rcbirk21 View Post
well....that 1250 watts is wayyyyyyyyy under what the motor is capable of. a lot of people have been pushing that motor to 1850+ watts consistantly without any issues what so ever. 1800 is about what i would expect outta this motor....i dont know what else you really want outta this motor
+1 on that. As rcbirk21 wrote most are in the 1850 range with this motor. I was told that the Ice 100 has a hard time breaking the 1650 watt range. I was able to get into the low 1700's with an 18-10 prop.

I just want all I can get and no more than that! If there is power left on the table then there is wasted energy. I'm just looking for 100% (I know....I'm just dreaming!) of the 6s lipo's output or as close as that as I can get.

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