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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Did I understand you correctly, you were using a standard USB cable connected to your PC for this test? So the recording did not continue after the 20 minutes stop and save function.

But, this is not quite identical to a standard generic wall or car charger, because they typically have no data lines connected, whereas your PC USB cable would and could communicate with your camera.

Do you have a wall wart or car generic USB charger, such as for a cell phone, that would not have the data line signals present to repeat this test? That is what we really want to know for sure. It could be that the camera detects the USB data lines when it stops after 20 minutes of recording, and THAT is what stops the "continue" portion of the sequence.
Yes, I used a standard USB cable. Unfortunately I don't have a wall wart or car generic charger, so I can't test that.
I experience the same "problems" other users reported with the emergency charger when trying to use it to prolong the recording. I, too, find it strange that it works with car charger.
Can someone with the test equipment and greater knowledge have a further look into this? E.g., what is the voltage output from the car charger?

Also I'm trying to do the pin4-modification (with data lines absent) on a standard USB cable for use at the PC, but I don't get it to work (no charging at all). May be my limited soldering skills/equipment.
Has anyone done this successfully?
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