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I am actually surprised and very thankfull that there has not yet been a serious injury or death from the hobby use of lithium cells. A freind of mine was nearly killed while charging a pack in his bedroom while sleeping. He escaped by waking up just in time. The room was filled with smoke and the carpet, the wall the work bench were on fire. If he had slept just a little longer he would not be here today. The only injury he had was singed nose hairs, which indicated he had breathed in some very hot gasses.

There is no hobby charger at this time that charges these cells properly. A charger is needed that monitors the voltage of each set of parrallel cells and balances the pack.

Until there is such a charger I would only charge the cells outside and contained in something that is fire proof. To use such a charger the packs will have to be made different than they are by bringing out wires from the intercell connections.

When charging the packs, just setting the cells on a surface that is fire proof is not enough as the cells tend to fly around like a rocket when they ignite.

I am an electronic engineer who has followed Lithium cell fires for many years. A lot longer than they have been used in our hobby.

My friend now charges his lithium cells outside and properly contained.

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