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I just did some pretty accurate tests of the new HD camera's field of view with various lenses, as well as the old #3 camera's field of view for comparison, using a protractor setup.

I tested them stock, with the .67x lens, and with the 180 fish eye lens, and here are the results.

HD cam
wide ------------ tall
54 degrees ____ 32 degrees _______ stock, no lens
77 degrees ____ 45 degrees _______ .67x lens
129 degrees ____ 67 degrees _______ 180 fish eye lens

#3 cam
wide ------------- tall
37 degrees ____ 28 degrees _______ stock, no lens
53 degrees ____ 39 degrees _______ .67x lens
77 degrees ____ 57 degrees _______ 180 fish eye lens

A couple other things to note, the HD cam definetly had better low light performance (I did these tests indoors under a CFL bulb, and could definetly see a drastic difference in quality in the difficult lighting condition.

Also based on my limited experience so far, when using the .67x lens or 180 lens on the HD cam, it seems to cause some very considerable blurring on the edges. It seems to affect distant objects to a much greater effect than close objects (trees while flying will be very blurry, close objects while pointing around your porch or something not as much). That doesn't happen on the #3 camera. However you notice the HD camera basically has roughly the same field of view just stock, as a old #3 did with a .67 lens.

Also using the 180 fish eye lens on the HD cam most definetly causes a serious fish eye effect and lots of distortion. In my opinion the distortion is so great you wouldn't want to ever use it unless you are actually specifically wanting the fish eye effect, or really need a super wide angle. The #3 camera however can use the 180 fish eye lens and it looks pretty good, like a normal wide angle lens, without a drastic fish eye effect (but granted not nearly the same field of view.

tags (in case anyone needs to search for these results later): keychain keycam hd #3 camera field of view test , fov test, lens test, angle test, .67x, 180 fish eye
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