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Originally Posted by torgust View Post
You really think that is expensive for a 16 channel Tx with unlimited mixing, telemetry, great design +++ ?

Of course I'm speaking from the general prices here i Norway. And here this would be a fair price for such a Tx.

As a comparison
- Futaba 14 MZ cost 2750 USD here in Norway
- Graupners MC-32 IFS will cost well over 2000 USD (if it ever arrives). The HOTT version will probably cost less.
- Hitec offers as their top notch only a 9-ch Tx. Price is 700 USD
- Spektrum Dx8 cost approx 625 USD

But then again. The Hitec and Spectrum radios listed here is not at all comparable with Jetis DC-16 so spending the few extra bucks to get Jeti DC-16 is no problem as I see it
Yes and no

I can see that the local prices for your are exorbitant and so it slots into that market.

Certainly to compete in the global market the price will have to be halved, like the Hitec A9 and Spektrum DX8 which are $300-400 in other markets.

Of course Jeti may not care about the global market and are happy enough with the European business.

The truth is that all of those Tx are outrageously over priced. Consider that you can get a high-function 9ch Tx for $80 with very flexible programming including excellent PC integration. Of course the quality is not the same but there is a long way between $80 and $1000 to allow for better mechanical/assembly quality and a few extra features.

There is of course no meaningful difference in cost between a 9ch and a 16ch Tx, maybe a few dollars for extra switches and knobs and a slightly faster CPU.

As another example, XPS have announced their 16ch Tx with very similar features to the Jeti, including full telemetry integration, voice synthesis, user-definable menus etc. and all for $249.

The Jeti Tx is clearly targeting the luxury market where people are prepared to pay very high margins for what they perceive to be premium products. It will certainly be interesting to see how well it works and sells.
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