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Another LiPo fire..

Friend of mine lost most of his models in a LiPo fire on Sat night.

It was an Etec 3S1P , charged with an Orbit Microlader. There is/was no history of crashing on the pack. The pack was flown with a conservative 9v cutoff in a parkflyer (slowstik and Yak-54 3d).

I will try to post the pics when my friend relaxs alittle more, he is really upset at the moment. Luckily everyone is OK.

Also, the standard ABC fire extinguishers seem to work very well on these type fires.

As for breaking the rules, I think two were missed here.. Admittedly, they were two rules I don't adhere to very well either..

#1- balancing.. The cells were purchased from a respected reseller who tests the packs. I have contacted them, but I don't see any reason to post their name. Anyway, the pack is sealed, so I am not sure how we can check for cell balance. So far, we have not been checking.

#2- fire resistant charging surface.. Well, we almost had this one.. It was on a wire shelving unit.. I would have thought it OK, until this happened. I think the big problem was that there were models about 18" above the pack. It seemed like the models were ignited very quickly, and helped to spread the damage.

One more thing to note.. After the fact, my friend mentioned that the pack, or the area where the pack was, was not actually on fire. The flames were actually in mid air, kind of like when a lighter is turned up so high that the flame starts inches above the nozzle.

So, when considering a safe distance to flammable items, extend it quite a bit!!

PS- After reading some of the other posts about this topic, I would like to ask that everyone consider my friends feelings when posting here. He just lost basically all of his models, did a number on his house, and could have been seriously hurt or killed. I sure hope we won't see any name calling etc on this post....


I have to go now, off to Home Depot for two fire safes, an extra extonguisher to replace the empty one, and a couple of extra smoke detectors.
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