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Originally Posted by Joespeeder View Post
Hey Tom,

Yup those setting worked!!

The video looks the best yet. You're correct about how it looks. The blurring is still there but better, the "slower shots" look REALLY good.

I will be interested to see my results once I get outside but I am seeing my videos looking as good as those posted here earlier!!!

Thanks again for the help "Obi-Tom Kanobi" !!! You were my only hope !!!!
Considering how light and "flimsy" the indoor birds are and the lighting, your vibration and motion blurring is really pretty minimal, I'd say.

When you get outside in brighter light, if your camera is like mine, I think you will find that the colors "bloom", or get very rich and over-saturated with contrast also increasing. The colors on mine look most natural when the light is not real bright. If you find that is also the case with yours, you should first apply the "Mplayer eq2" filter in the "Colors" category. This is a very useful filter for color correction. I tone down my color saturation setting to about 65-75 and decrease the contrast down to a 90 setting. For my camera, this makes colors look more natural, but in the process, it improves the detail in darker shadow areas, and seems to also minimize the "hot spot" effect in the center of the video. Play with the settings to see what works best for your camera. You will probably find that the de-noise filter is not needed in brighter outdoor lighting.

The order in which the filters are applied can make a difference in the results, too. I try to apply color correction first, then noise reduction if needed, then sharpness, and finally any rotation or resizing that might be required.

Glad you got things working to your satisfaction!
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