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Originally Posted by Torrance View Post
how about not putting any jumps at all on the track and put them instead on the roadway on the other side of the pits? race with road race bikes on the road course during race time then play with dirt bikes away from the track in between heats.

unless these jumps are 6ft wide what are the chances that anyone will hit them with any consistency?

what's the attendance gonna be anyway? judging by recent turnout it's only me, Lito, Dwayne, and Stubbs that show up regularly. with only 4 guys wouldn't you rather put on a good race with similar bikes instead of doing some hokey mixed class? i know you guys have a new toy that you want to play with but c'mon isn't that bike more suited to another type of track? why mess with the only chance we have for having a proper superbike race. unless if i'm the only one left with a superbike then i'll just pass on this type of 'racing'.
your not the only one left, only my bike is a 8th scale so i cant race with some of you 5th scale guys.
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