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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
I can't test mine because I sent it back due to mal-focusing issues, and don't expect to have a replacement for at least 3 weeks due to the Chinese new years holiday. I THOUGHT I started my test with an essentially dead battery, with just enough juice to start a video, then plugged it in and it continued recording for a lot longer time than it otherwise would have. So it was not running on battery power all that time.

Now I don't recall if I let it run past the 20 min. auto stop/save/restart point, so hopefully someone else will confirm your results and report back here. I guess it's possible the camera will not restart automatically after the auto stop kicks in with the generic charger plugged in, just as it won't start the first time with it plugged in. If that's the case, I need to edit my post, but will wait to see if someone else can confirm you findings.
I emptied the internal battery by letting it run (normal 2*20 minutes were recorded), then formatted the flash card (8GB Kingston). I then charged the cam for about 3 minutes via an unmodified USB, just enough to be able to start a new recording. Removed the the USB cable.
Then I started a new recording in the 10Mbps mode. After having started the recording I plugged in the USB cable (red LED went on) and waited. After about 20 minutes the yellow LED came on and the camera was recognized as a mass storage device. Waited one hour more.

When I checked the flash card, there was only a single 20 minute file present (1,5 GB). More than I would have been able to record with the 3-minute charging alone. Apparently, from the close-and-continue function only the close function worked.
Afterwards I checked the flash card for errors. No hidden files (e.g. FILE0000.chk) were found.
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