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OK thats a fair question, nrg2go !

Back in the OLD DAYS - remember Black and White TV ?

I used to fly U-Control or Control line planes around in a big circle.

Back then we would hookup the Flaps to be Opposite of the Elevator.

The thinking being ...
Flaps increase Lift when Lowered and Elevator increases Angle of attack
so a loop could be do REAL TIGHT.

FAST FORWARD a few years - forget color tv ====> Flatscreen HD et al :-)

So Now when the ailerons(flaps in this case) are hooked up THE SAME DIRECTION
as the Elevators - well ... it was going against the u-Control thinking.

OK it was only somewhat contrary for Elevator use NOT Aileron use.

Still I have to wonder if these Prop in slot ,Vectored thurst jets "Might" not benefit from
Separate FLAPS and Ailerons with Ailerons going the same as Elevators and FLAPS gong the opposite.
Those Cobras Might just become SEVERE , stop in the mid flight wonders ~!

I hope that explains my initial perplexity over Chara's hook up.
Seems like everyone is doing it that way these days, with great success.

REGARDLESS - my Mig-29 rolls so fast I just have to STOP and see what happened !
THEN make corrections if necessary - Hole E SMOKES !!!

My F-22 is a bit less fast but still pretty darn quick !

C U L8r

birdofplay is online now Find More Posts by birdofplay
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