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Originally Posted by birdofplay View Post
In a old thread by CHARA of his Harpy design,
he just hooked the ailerons TO the Elevons and it worked !

I was skeptical at first as I would have expected them to work OPPOSITELY
But hooked up to work going the SAME DIRECTION they work just fine.

I have a Mig 29 et al that word well hooked up that way.

So you "could" be saving the extra servo weight. 2 vs 4 servos.

Just a thought for future experiment.
I agree birdofplay, unless you actually want the function of FLAP/SPOILER then ganging the ailerons to the tailerons is more than adequate. Taileron only rolls seem pretty tame when compared to drill bit rolls when they are ganged to the ailerons.

I use a larger horn on the aileron because you don't want it to move as much as the taileron. I use the low profile horns on the tailerons that sweep forward with the linkage point over the hinge-line. You need to make sure full down deflection of the aileron won't hit the linkage going to the taileron. You wouldn't want any more deflection than that anyway.
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