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About refocusing....

So I finally got around to taking the time to try and refocus my HD keychain cam. I brought the laptop outside, put the camera in webcam mode, and used virtualdub to view it and tinker with it while pointing it at trees of various distances. I accurately marked the original focus, and then tinkered with the focus for probably at least a half hour, and the absolute best focus point that I was able to see, even for the far away trees, seemed to actually be exactly the stock focus. I arrived exactly on that spot on my own over and over again, so perhaps some are perfectly focussed.

There were times in flight before I had refocussed, where I felt like the video wasn't as crisp as it should be, but perhaps that was just due to vibration, movement, or lower than ideal light causing the shutter speed to slow. At least now I'm not left wondering "I wonder if this video would have been crisper if I would have refocussed first".

One other thing I noticed, is when using one of the .67x lenses, it definetly makes the field of view bigger, however causes the edges to be blurry. The amount of blur seemed almost identical to the amount of extra fov you gain. I think I will continue to use the .67x lens though, even if the edges are blurry, its better than not seeing them at all.
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