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I did a bit more work on the fuselage as follows.

Marked the required diameter for the hole on the starboard side of the vertical fin for the elevator servo. (the firewall in the kit is good for that)

Cut out and dressed the hole to a diameter of 43mm as specified in the manual. Do not cut all the way to the molded circle but allow a lip of around 3-4mm for the white adhesive cover.

Cut two slots 3mm wide low down of both sides of the fin for the rudder pull/pull cable exit guides. (visible in photos)

Checked fit of the elevator bellcrank in the preinstalled wooden bushings inside the vertical fin. The fit was way too tight and required a little “reaming” with a rolled up piece of wet and dry sandpaper passed through the bushings and gently twirled. Do this gently and check the fit often until you get a free rotation without any slop.

Readied the preinstalled elevator servo wiring for soldering to the servo.

Soldered the connections on both ends towards the servo and towards the receiver.

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