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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
For a minimal package for our AV purposes, I think a lens intended for the slightly larger 5 MP CMOS array would be just right. I found a source for just the precision plastic holder for the lens and CMOS array, and even some other 7mm threaded lenses which do NOT have the IR filter and should thread right into the existing HD key cam carrier module. The lens is better quality, and cost $30-$40.
That's excellent, and I agree that minimal upgrading would be awesome, but I'm going to be focusing strictly on making an M12x0.5 conversion due to keeping things universal on my end. The way I intend to do it, it's not so much a challenge to make it work as it will be to make it work and be light and reasonably small for AV uses. My goal is to make a version of the camera that covers all the things I do already, but also covers my latest love affair with RC flight. I feel that I can make it happen and still keep things reasonable for that, but I know there will be hurdles. I'm definitely going to be brushing up on my plastic milling skills for starters, lol. I think this is going to be fun, and hopefully it will be my best work ever. :-)

That said, I do want to look deeper into what you found, because there's great potential there for a superlight yet improved version of the camera.

Edit: I forgot to mention - it looks like I may be able to use a single lipo cell ripped from a damaged E-Sky Big Lama 800mAH 3S pack in my mod. The cells measure just right for the case I intend to use, and would make a pretty interesting upgrade from the 250mAH stock cell.

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