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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
There are photos of the circuit boards in Post #2. The rubber case measures 2.0 in. long x 1.25 in. wide x .50 in. thick. The circuit board is obviously a little smaller, but mine isn't open right now to measure.
Just the numbers were good enough, thanks! Smellin' blood now, boy... It'll fit that small case just fine and I can even do some cutting to make it smaller and still have no problems, I think. I also think that since the imager chip is on the end of a ribbon cable, I can mount the new lens holder firmly to the new case, and run the imager chip to it, which will solve a lot of engineering issues. The microswitches I'll probably replace with small momentaries also mounted to the case or just access by opening the top of the case, and I will likely also add a small connector to tap into the lipo leads for external powering of the camera. The USB connector, I'll have to deal with when I get there.

Has anyone done any basic testing to see if the lens is IR filtered or if it's filtered at the sensor chip? I've been seeing a lot of CCTV cameras lately that have the IR cut filter glued right to the chip, which irks me no end. I'm really crossing my fingers that these ones have it tack-glued to the lens body, which would make it totally a non issue for where my camera is going to be heading.

At the end of the day, I'll have an HD camera that will accept standard board cam lenses, and also be adaptable to my telescope or microscope. :-D

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