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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
I like the wider AOV for AV use. A little post processing to desaturate the color and tame the hot spot, plus a click less contrast and a touch of sharpening, and the HD key cam would compare even better! I've notice the color saturation really "blooms" as the light level increases. If we could just find a different lens that more evenly illuminates the CMOS array in the corners, I think a lot of the central "hot spot" would disappear.
I'm totally in agreement here... A lot of the issues can be post processed out which is what I do to every video I make anyway so it's no extra work. The only one things I've seen so far that truly nag at me are that stairstepped shutter control and the way it appears to be so rigidly center weighted (turn just a bit to the sky and BOOM there goes the ground into darkness). If it were more averaged, it would be miles better.

I plan to rip mine apart first thing and see about modifying it for use with M12x0.5 cctv lenses. These are the same lenses commonly used in board cameras, and I just happen to have a set of four, brand new, aluminum M12x0.5 lens mounts that I got from eBay for projects just like this. If I can figure out how to attach one in a way that is strong and sure, aligned well and all that, then I'll post a complete vid and documentation on how I did it and what results I got compared to the stock cam. It should be REALLY interesting to see this thing go with one of the fat little MegaPixels 4mm wide aperture monsters, especially if it turns out that the internal IR filter is on the stock lens and not integral to the CMOS chip. Just imagine the effects of increased aperture *and* NIR light grabbing for low light use, wooo ha! She'd be a hot little number!

A thought just occurred to me... Radio Shack sells these very small, ABS black plastic project boxes that just might be the ticket to rebox the whole camera board. This would allow a lot of mod work to be done, like an external power jack (that tap into the flight lipo idea RULES), the bigger M12x0.5 lens mount, or perhaps a bigger internal lipo cell to run the camera. It would free me up to do a lot of things to the camera that the existing case likely won't allow, and that particular project box can't weigh much.

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