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Sky705 Simulator Issues

There all two separate issues at work that are affecting the Simulator from working correctly. I will explain the problems and offer a remedy.
THE First and foremost issue is that for some reason the firmware and circuit for the output of the joystick control overruns the controller (potentiometer or variable resistor) connected to both sticks when moving the controls up and down. The factory is aware of this issue and I do not see a fix other than a new Transmitter.

The Second issue is that the controller is setup for channel mixing (except for the Cessna Configuration) and FMS (freeware open source Flight Sim that upgrades stopped years ago) and other Software Simulators are expecting to see a each of the FOUR (4) channels as straight, linear and separate-not mixed.

Remedy: First you have to reprogram the Transmitter with the software setup for the Cessna. (unless your flight sim software can handle the channel mixing setup for your helicopter). This means you have to reprogram the Transmitter when you want to fly your helicopter or Skyfun or F-16. HeliSim and Clearview can use the helicopter setup from the Transmitter, but FMS cannot.

Second: Use a different USB Cable. As it turns out the older USB Cable we stock for the older Sky702 and Sky502 works great and is not affected by the "overrun" issue I explained above.

Alternate Remedy: Buy a different Simulator Controller. Skyartec and others sell a Transmitter Dummy controller box with a USB connector for use as a Flight Simulator Controller. These can range from $18 to about $35 depending on features.
NOTE: FMS cannot use more than 4 Channels of operation. Advanced programs like Clearview can use more channels than the basic 4 channels.

The BEST Remedy (most expensive): Obtain the "Real Flight Simulator"; this is what the pros use. With this set you WILL learn to fly a RC Helicopter.
FMS WILL not teach you how to fly a RC Helicopter; however it will help you with the basic stick and coordination of using both sticks at the same time to control the helicopter. HeliSIM is better and more realistic in the flying experience; Clearview, for the price is much better and near realistic; Realflight and Realflight Basic is the absolute best.

Here is a selection of some of your options: RC Flight Simulators

Hope this helps

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