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Originally Posted by lostheli View Post
I have pretty much determined that with a fully charged internal and fully charged 2000mAH AA, I get (3) 20 min. clips. So, at least 60 min. of recording time unless your camera will save the last file as the battery is depleted then it will be more than 60 min. but it won't be more than 80 minutes. Finding out how much more than 60 min. will not really be that useful because it will vary anyway and I assume that most cameras won't save that last file. I guess that if I determine that it records substantially more than 60 min. then it would be safe to say that everyone should get at least 60 minutes as long as they are using a good quality AA.

Oh man, I just realized that it's the e-charger that prevents the last file save from happening or is it? ha ha. Are you sure you don't want to tell me to shut up? Anyone? It's ok, I will understand.

I believe that the only way to find out would be to keep track of the time and to systematically stop the recording after 60 minutes until you no longer got that fourth file. At this point, it is evident that it truly doesn't matter and 60 minutes is all that anyone can hope to get with the e-charger.
Maybe it can be hacked to actually power the camera, I don't know but I can assure you that I won't be the one to do that.
sorry for all this, it's the cold medicine or the shots of Crown or both.

I almost forgot. The red light on the charger does in fact indicate charging, when your internal battery is full the light goes out.
Thanks... only 20 + minutes added recording... maybe more if the camera would save the last file. Disappointing... i would have thought a 4GB card could be filled. A larger cell battery would do better, but that's too much weight. I think it's a problem with low current and/or voltage sag with the AA cell... not enough to give the discharging lipo it's demand and power the camera at the same time. You'd be better off just to tap into the camera and parallel out a small plug off the internal lipo wires to a separate external single cell lipo, or even to one of the cell taps off your flight lipo.

The red LED I was referring to previously was the one on the camera, not the one in the Echarger. Just trying to confirm that the USB plug had the same cinfig, with +5V on pin 4. No big deal, knowing what we now know.

FWIW, I have done a test to confirm my camera starts a third recording after the second 20 min. clip with the stock battery and no Echarger attached... it just will not save it. So the charger is not causing the last file not to be saved... it's a camera function.
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