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Originally Posted by Normandy5 View Post
The following camera is a REAL HD key cam micro camera, but is not the #11, so I thought you would like to know about it. It might eventually be an HD "contender".

A vendor (not on eBay) in Thailand sent me some photos and video samples from a 1280x720 micro camera called the V909. It has a black plastic case that is similar to the 808 case, but not exactly. The vendor is evaluating one sample camera and does not have it for sale. I have some questions in to the vendor and I'm awaiting a reply.

Unlike the fake 808 AVI micro cameras, this is real 1280x720 AVI MJPEG video (resolution confirmed based on frame analysis). Not MOV. Not H.264.

The missing frame rate is high at about 33%.
The sample video has no video date time stamp!
The video does not seem to be aspect ratio distorted (not confirmed).
This sample is too dark and has high contrast. A little post processing fix looks much better.

The VirtualDub AVI specs are: 1280x720, 30.000 fps, MJPEG, video frame sizes from 44928 to 86406, 15614 Kbps video, audio is 8000 Hz sampled 16-bit PCM 128 Kbps.

One very interesting thing is that the USB cable, at the PC end, has a USB plug and a yellow RCA plug! Does this camera have composite video output? I'm trying to find out.

Here is the 14 second sample video uploaded to YouTube (watch in 720p). Email me if you want the original AVI (16 MB).

-- Chuck at,
Thanks for the heads up, Chuck.

It appears they have combined many of the advantages of the HD key cam we are focusing on here, with many of the disadvantages of the old 808! Both seem to have the central "hot spot" and very noticeable corner vignetting. The .AVI container is a plus, but the MJPEG codec and higher bit rate will make for some huge files, and likely is causing the dropped frames as well. But they may not be using the same video processor chip (with integrated H.264 compression), so may be able to market at a much more attractive price point. That will catch a lot of users who may not care so much about the dropped frames or large files. And it would likely force down the price of the existing HD key cam as well!

And if that is truly video out, it should be a real hit with the FPV flyers!
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