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Originally Posted by dghutt View Post
My camera arrived yesterday and definitely seems to have the uneven focus issue that has cropped up in the thread from time to time. While focus at centre and the top seems OK, the bottom and left of the picture are noticeably out of focus.

Is this becoming a broad-based issue with these cameras? I've had a #3 808 since they were released, and followed the general keyfob thread throughout, but don't recall anyone raising uneven focus as a problem.

Second, did we ever determine whether this was a lens or chip issue? I've seen both suggested.

I think more people are looking for this now that some of us had mentioned it here. Don't know if it has been there on many cameras all along and not felt an issue by many who have it, or if there are more cameras showing this now.

I suggested a process for determining if it's a lens or CMOS chip alignment issue. Not many have posted on their findings. My gut feel is the CMOS sensor chip is not being fully seated in its precision plastic lens mount module, or the module is not precision molded to begin with. If it were a lens issue, the blurry area would move as the lens is rotated, unless the lens were cross-threaded, and that should be visibly detected just by looking at the lens in it's plastic module. It would be visibly cocked if cross threaded, and the focus would be a lot further out than what we are seeing, I think. Also, it seems the mal-focus is along the lower edge of the video in most of the cases that have been posted here, which hints at a common cause.
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