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OK - how about some brief introductions. Tell us a bit about you, where you tend to fly, what you like to fly and if you want to post up directions and details about slope sites in or around Orange County. Pictures are always fun too.

My name is Wayne and I have been flying on and off since the mid 80s. I have a wide mix of planes ranging from a Hobie Hawk, DLG, some twisty wings, some old thermal planes, Fox, wings, and recently picked up a 3.5 meter molded ASW17, Typhoon and a Salto. I seem to have a sweet spot for vintage thermal and slope ships. You know, the stuff I dreamed about when I was a kid. I recently picked up a Sig Samurai, CR Contender and the Salto; all of these planes are probably 20 or more years old. I enjoy rebuilding some of these old planes and hopefully returning them to flight line status.

With the light lift conditions we tend to have in Orange County, most of my planes are on the light side. I have a couple of heavier planes, but they sit around most of the time waiting for lift.

Some of my favorite flying sites are:
Long Beach - Bluffs (not in OC, but fun on a Summer afternoon) I have had so much fun flying this site. Cool group of folks there and easy going. Site rewards a clean plane set up to fly in the light lift. If the lift is bad you can always drive a bit more North and check the Palos Verdes sites. (Pt Fermin, Bluff Cove, Lanada Bay, etc.)

Glider Point - a bit of a walk, but a great place for the bigger planes as it has a nice big landing area. Can DS here also.

Oakley Hill - This is a hill up behind the Oakley corporate office. It is a mix of thermal and slope. It is usually very light, but is the most consistent site I know of. Be warned that this site requires an aggressive but short hike, and certain times of the year it is easier to throw away your shoes then to pick the thickets out of your shoe laces. It also gets very hot here in the summer.

Ortega - Also not in OC (or is it on the boarder?) This is a really nice site though it is a long drive and can get very hot in the summer. The view is great, and the lift tends to be very strong. Best of all you can land on a little used road if you have a plane with a wheel (like my Fox).

Kite Hill - I don't fly here all that often as the lift is so light, but I do enjoy hanging out with the guys up there from time to time. Great place for a floater. Recently it has been a bit over run with electrics.

Lilly - I plan to fly this site soon. You gotta have AMA and a permit to fly this cool site.

Laguna - Perhaps my favorite local site. Not for the faint of heart as the landing area is tricky, and only for experienced pilots as the site is surrounded by EXPENSIVE homes. The lift is good, but if the wind really picks up, this site just seems to get blown out. Best flown with light-ish planes, not a PSS site! Please do not combat at this site ever!

That is about it for now.

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