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Thanks Tom,

I hadn't tried setting a custom preset. That's the best set up I've gotten yet!!


Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Tom, since I had not tried that one, I gave it a quick test. For what it can do, it seems to do it very well. But if you haven't done so, you should make a custom preset setting for the HD key cam or your video will be degraded horribly.

When you output your video to .AVI format, you are presented with a window to select a "preset" setting. If you select "same as source", the output video bit rate is only 3283 kbps on my test video, when the source bit rate was actually 7060 kbps. If you want to retain as much quality and detail as your original, you need to jack up the bit rate to be the same as your original. You can see what that is by right-clicking on the video file icon, then click on "properties/detail" and you'll see the total bit rate for that video. That's what you want to match when using Freemake.

So when the preset screen appears, click on the small blue gear "edit" icon under the default "same as source" preset selection (see attached picture). That will pop open another small "Preset editor" window where you can make changes to the settings (see the second attached picture). Select "Custom" for the bit rate and change the rate to match your clip. Chances are, most of your clips will all be about the same, so you can just give that profile a new name like I did (e.g. "HD Key Cam") and save it. The next time you do a conversion, just pick that profile name and you'll be all set to start the conversion.

FWIW, I also lowered the audio parameters in my profile since high quality audio of my motor sounds and stereo when the camera only records mono is just adding unnecessary length to the file. If you are recording for a doppler fly-by to convert later for speed calcs, you might want to leave the sound settings at their defaults. Too bad the program doesn't convert audio out to .WAV format... you'd be all set!
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