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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
OK, thanks. That's a quad voltage step up, so available current will be less than 1/4 normal after efficiency losses. With a 2000 mAH AA cell, that makes it not quite equivalent to a 500 mAH battery, so it should easily charge the internal battery. If the USB plug is terminated like the car charger, allowing it to both power the camera and charge the internal battery, that should give not quite three times the normal recording time (120 minutes) if you start with a fully charged internal battery. All hypothetical, of course.

But you say yours does nothing, which is interesting. I guess you know the red LED does not come on to indicate charging is taking place with the car charger (and, I assume would be the case with the emergency charger as well if it's similarly terminated). I don't know why the camera would not accept the charge if the voltage and current are available on the USB plug pins! How long did you leave it plugged in when charging a dead battery?
Sorry, I jumped in before finster could answer and created some confusion, I think.

No, mine do charge the camera but they do not power it. Today, I ran the camera until it died and would not turn on, I then plugged in the charger and tried to record and it would record a few seconds and quit, the longer that I would wait before starting the recording, the longer it would record before quitting. So, it can only charge the camera, but it can't charge it quick enough to keep up with recording.
In the normal 40 minutes that the lipo takes to run down, this charger will put enough back in to record another 20 some minutes, of course I only see the 20 min. clip and not whatever it was recording after that because the camera doesn't save/ shut down properly.

I'm going to test how many full charges I can get from the AA and then I think I'm done messing with this thing, unless someone wants me to check something specific.
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