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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Well if you can't recover it, it's lost, isn't it? The header is the very FIRST portion of the file, you shouldn't have to search for it. BUT, the header fix that Chuck talks about is specific to an .AVI file format, NOT a .MOV file format like the HD key cam writes to the card. So the identification procedure he talks about will not work, and is the reason you couldn't find it.

When you say you get a zero length file, does it leave any icon that shows up as a regular file, but with zero bytes? Or, are you saying you recover some file fragments that are totally hidden with no visible indication there unless you run a file repair program? I've not bothered even trying because I dont' know what the .MOV file structure looks like. Maybe when I get my replacement camera back, I'll run a test to see if anything is there when the battery dies.
Yea I agree I was not clear. With the #3, I would have a file with zero length (directly after recording without doing anything). After I error checked I was able to recover a hidden folder with two files and was able to Hex it together. With the #11 (the hd) nothing is shown until you error check. And when you do error check it is just 1 file recovered instead of 2 like with the #3.

I didn't think the change in format would make such a difference :X.
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