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Flyduino Mega , a Multiwii/Ardupirates/Aeroquad based aerial video platform FC

The Flyduino,
is avaiable at

Most actual shematic for the Flyduino!
Thanks Berkely

Pinout for Multiwii showen here (many thanks Alex):

Based on the fantastic work of Alex and Oleg.
Alex famous
Oleg aka Syberian also did a fantastic job in improving the Ardupirates code and supporting the Flyduino.

With a Arduino Pro, you can only drive a quad and a regular receiver.
For the use of a Hexa or some Cam stabilisation you have to use a ppm reciever to free some ins.
With the Flyduino this problems are solved, you can fly all configurations avaiable and dont have to worry about too few ins and outs.
This also true if one day the Multiwii Soft will support a octo config, which will be only possible with a Mega board and you then can still use your regular RX and handle some servos on it.

Org WMP and BMA020 on 100hz

FFIMU on 400HZ

Oleg made a quick drawing for the Megapirate

Thanks to Hogster a shematic for the Flyduino 1.1

this shows the serial change for Flyduino V 2.0

A redesigned Arduino Mega, which suits more our needs.
It is only 5x5cm with the MK standard holes.
You dont need a Breakout anymore for the cpu Board, cause you can stick everything directly, like ESC, RC,GPS (JPS connectors missing right now, have to order).

-I brought out all PWM which are avaiable for Octos, Servos, whatever.

-All serials (2 have pinheaders, one have a JST Connector) are brought out for GPS, LCD, wireless Data.

-Analog In 8-15 are for remote controller with a 3 row pinheader.

-D30-D33 are digital out for whatever you need it.

This picture is taken without connected Sensors.

its proved see the kinderkram post
MultiMega FlyduinoMega Freeflight IMU - Outdoor Maiden Flight (2 min 55 sec)

The Pinheaders should be soldered by the customer, but the pinheaders ARE delivered with the Flyduino.
It a relatively easy solder job.
To make it clear you will get a Flyduino KIT with pinheaders but you have to solder yourself those supplied pinheaders.
You will need a FTDI for using it with the Arduino IDE.
I use a FTDI Basic myself, i think its the best, cause he will reset automatically.

Thanks to Jussi, there is a very good size comparsion

Berkelys very good diagramms are very helpfull when connecting the flyduino
The Flyduino is prelimary ATM!!
Ther diagramm shows the changes in soft warthox did for a ppm receiver

A great video from Norf
FlyduSpider with Flyduino FC (2 min 43 sec)

Ardupirates Flyduino Evening Flight (3 min 10 sec)

FlyduSpider Fun Fly (3 min 22 sec)

Another Video which deserves the first page, thanks Warthox.
mwc hexa - flyduspider aerobatics (2 min 50 sec)

mwc mini hexa - flyduino + ff imu+ wind (2 min 43 sec)

mwc mini hexa - flyduino + ff imu 1.22 (3 min 48 sec)

Also a great Demo, thanks Jussi.
MWC level test part2 (1 min 6 sec)

To complete the Flyduino i did a Power distribution board and a Sensor BOB for it.
The Sensor BOB have a LLC onboard.

Top of the BOB for the FFIMU from Jussi

Bottom of the BOB for WMP+ and BMA020

And new, the GPSBOB for the FMP04 GPS Module , PirateGPS.
All adapted for our needs.

Shop page

This is a cheap BMA020 and WMP+ mounted.

This is a tower showen as example.

Here you can see a Jumper if you want to use the 5V from the ESC.

This the link to a modified Multiwii 1.7, which have the Cam Gimbal on Pin 44-46, the momentary dev. version allready have this feature.
(outdated, new version of Alex contains the pinout)

Divide et Impera manual here

Great Video Tutorial for the MWC and WMP+
USB UART on Bottom of the Flyduino Mega
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