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3D model and MAVLINK issues.

Also in .29 compared to .28, the Reaper 3D model in google earth has vanished.
EasyStar is ok. Correction: the 3D model did rebuild somehow after a few runs of the GCS. It looks as the installation temporarily makes the planes invisible, but it heals by itself.

v1.2.29, the sound accompaniyng MAVLINK red alert box: 'warning, link lost for 3s' pops up at 3s and then 'danger link lost for 6s' are scheduled in orer, but the result is that the second phrase starts well after 6th second. Maybe change to: 'link weak' and 'link lost' so they will be pronounced faster.

Actual roll and pitch decoding from MAVLINK is opposite to what QGCS uses.
Of course you can invert it using the options, but then when you switch to ARDU protocol, it is inverted again.

When simulating with MAVLINK, I got message 'GLUONPILOT, singal lost' a few times, even if I never sent GLUONPILOT messages (it occured once every 3 min).

There are problems of contradictory yaw/heading/course meanings when usign MAVLINK, but this has to be clarified in QGCS as well so we have to wait.

There is a bug in decoding 64bit UNIX epoch time, if I send anything but 0, the decoding function crashes together with GCS.
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