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Originally Posted by ApexAero View Post
Thank you Tom and everyone, Let me rephrase the question I asked earlier.
Is there any way to get windows media player and windows movie maker to work with a .mov? Or, Are there any programs that will work that are as simple as the afore mentioned programs as I am that simple too.
You have to understand if I can't figure how to make something work on my computer it will not work for me so there has to be an alternative of some kind.
I downloaded the ffdshow and I couldn't bequin to tell you where to start, there are six selections and no help. The avidemux page has nothing to inform a moron like me what to pick. please help me
If you are not using Windows 7, it's tougher to help you with something that is a simple point/click/done approach. The new version of WMM (called Windows Live Movie Maker) that works with W7 is free and will load and edit the .mov files directly. That would be the simplest way, but you need to have the Windows 7 operating system on your computer to run it, and your computer might be too old to update it. It would help to know if you are running Windows XP, Vista, or W7.

ffdshow is what I used/needed to play/edit files on my older Vista/XP Windows operating systems. Once you install ffdshow it just sits in the background and supplies the codecs to reconstruct the compressed video in your camera files. The default settings should work. The .MOV format used by this camera causes incompatibility, but there are utilities that can convert the format to allow those older programs to load and edit the files. But that adds an intermediate complexity step, which I don't think you want. Since I no longer run those older operating systems on my PC, I'll leave it to others to give you guidance. What worked before does not work now with Windows 7, and vice versa. Maybe they can walk you through step by step via PM?

AviDemux is the closest thing to an editor that can import and edit your camera files on your existing computer (assuming you don't have a PC runnign Windows 7 operating system). You don't need ffdshow for that to work. But if this post is overly complex for you, then it might be better to see if you have someone local who can sit down with you and go through the set up steps first hand?

Unfortunately AviDemux does not output audio in .WAV file format, nor does WMM. You can save just audio, but then need another conversion program to re-encode it to .WAV file format! Sounnds like what you need for speed is a new smart phone that runs the Android operating system. You can download an app (application program) for it that will record your plane's speed, records the data for later use, but also SPEAKS to you as it flies past telling you the speed! No other computer needed!
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