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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Hello Walt,

I guess it's time I add some details on flash memory cards since questions come up occasionally and the instruction sheet that comes with the card is a bit confusing and even conflicting. Thanks for reminding me!

First, this camera does NOT have the dropped frame issue of the old 808 cameras. So the card speed is less of a problem than it was. I don't know what the minimum speed class is that will assure no dropped frames, simply because the speed class only guarantees a minimum SEQUENTIAL write speed, and the dropped frame issue is more related to the RANDOM write speed, which is MUCH slower as the graph shown on the web site shows.

The instructions sheet that comes with the camera says to use at least a Class 4 card, and I think that is good advice to avoid problems. But I would avoid "generic" cards or little known brands. Personally, I go for a Class 6 card since the cost is difference is negligible. And I found the Transcend Class 6 card shows test results consistent with the top one or two results posted in the graph I referenced above. The best everyday price I have found on the web is at this site (about $10.60 delivered in the US in about 3 days), but other places (e.g. and sometimes have good deals also. There are other good cards, just none that I have used. But the camera instructions are a bit conflicting when it mentions "SDH4" cards. The camera takes a MICRO SDHC cards as you know, not a standard size SDHC card, so that is worth clarifying.

As for minimum flash memory size, the stock 250 mAH camera battery only lasts for about 45 min. max., and it does an automatic stop/save/continue function every 20 minutes, with about 3-4 seconds of lost video in between. The 20 min. file sizes differ, since some cameras for unknown reasons have about a 10 MB/s bit rate with about 1.5GB file size, and others 7MB/s and 1.03GB file size (which is still plenty high enough for the video this camera can produce). So, a 4GB card is plenty big enough to record all that the camera can record with a fully charged battery. The only need for a larger card would be the desire to store additional video on the card before it is copied to your computer to free up the space, such as recharging the battery and shooting more video, or using external power such as the included car charger that comes with it to record for longer periods of time.
Great points / tips Tom!

I opted for the 8 gb to simply allow more video to be taken during the day. The handy car charger solves the field charging problem.

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