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Referring to the third picture, the light is a bit up and to the left of the middle. But this is really irrelevant -- if there's a light it's bright and impossible to miss (unless you are looking at the blank side of the board!). (EDIT: See next post for photo.)

Still looking at that same picture, the bind plug goes onto the pins at the bottom of the picture (as you have it in picture 2). The power source (battery or ESC) goes onto any other set of pins with the black/brown wire up (towards us) and the white/orange/other color wire down (towards the blank side of the board). THIS IS WRONG IN PICTURE 2.

Just do that -- no servos, no transmitter turned on -- and you should get a bright rapidly flashing light indicating that the receiver is in bind mode. If you don't get the light:
  • There's no power, or
  • The bind plug is faulty (the two outside pins are not connected), or
  • The receiver is defective, or
  • You didn't follow instructions

By the way, one of those receivers arrived from HK just two days ago and the light is there just like on previous ones. There has to be a light.
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