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This afternoon I glued in the plywood reinforcements for the wing bolts, attached the wing and glued on the tail boom.

The kit supplies you with two pieces of cut plywood to be used as reinforcements for the 4 plastic wing bolts. You're supposed to glue them into the fuse at the front and rear of the wing saddle. After you do that you're supposed to drill and tap them for the M4 screws. Before drilling the holes I dry-fit the boom and used a piece a string from the end of the boom to the wing tips to make sure the wing was on straight, I messed up one of the 4 holes as the drill bit 'walked' a little before biting but otherwise the wing went on well.

After I drilled and tapped the plywood I soaked the threaded hole with thin CA and tapped again, this helps reinforce the threads so that they last longer. They don't specifically tell you to do it in the instructions but I've seen it before in a hand launch construction video and it made a lot of sense.

Finally I fitted the v-tails to the boom and glued it to the fuse using epoxy, having the tails and the wing attached gives you something to align against.
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