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This is fantastic, thanks for posting this! I really don't like soldering to the connectors on the breakout board, this is so much cleaner. I'm glad I saw this tonight, I was about to set mine up the usual way soldering on the outside but now I'd much prefer to do it this way.

I was wondering if you might post some pictures of the inside of one of your supplies and tell us a bit about how you went about removing the breakout board. It looks like it is screwed in from the back side and that the whole main board would need to come out of the chassis to take those out. It also looks like the metal brackets connecting to the main board are soldered in place so would need to be desoldered. You say with your full kit no soldering would be required so I'm assuming you use a screw to attach the internal jumpers to the main board?

How far off do you suppose you are on shipping kits? I'd jump on it the second you're ready.
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