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Originally Posted by TreeDiver View Post
Fully charged.....
Well, most will agree that this does harm your LiPoly packs. Best is to store them at 50% of capacity. So arround 3.85 volt per cell.

Most likely, most of your packs would have been in much better state, if you did store them at 50% capacity!!!!!!!!

Looks like an interesting device!
Especially for messuring the IR

Some of your packs will lack punch while flying. So the voltage will drop heavily under load.
Wise to change the habbit and keep your newer packs stored at 50%

Oh yea!! I have seen the light about not storing LiPos charged. I now store them somewhere between 3.8 and 3.85 V per cell. Although I knew there were problems with storing batteries charged, I didn't realize the drastic impact it had. I purposely traded off the convenience of having charged batteries "ready to go" at a moments notice. I didn't realize though how fast LiPos can deteriorate if stored charged. Now I know.

By the way...the thing that really proved it to me was the readings I got from my "cheapo" meter that some say is "useless". Sorry for the sarcasim, but the meter is doing exactly what I expected it to do. Granted, it isn't lab equipment but I knew that when I bought it.
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