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Don't take lessons with Captain Jack!!

... I want him all to myself!

Kidding aside, I had my first CaptJac lesson a couple of days ago when the Cap went through setting up Phoenix and my DX7. A half hour into the one-on-one lesson, I realized how much time I could have saved in the months before. During the walk-through, many questions were cleared up and there were a few eureka! moments, too. Why didn't I do this months ago?

I have improved already. At first, the sim heli seemed so much harder to control than my real life ones, but after several 5 minute sessions it became much easier. I did cheat a little by tweaking a couple of more settings in Phoenix. I wanted to start out with an even tamer heli to progress from. Here's what I did (I hope this is OK with the Captain)...

1. The hovering stability was changed from 100% to 120%. This made a huge difference. Within a few short sessions, I was able to gradually dial it back down to 100% and still maintain hovering ability.

2. The throttle curve was changed from linear to the 'V' shaped idle-up curve. This gave it a little more stability.

I can now keep the heli in a reasonable hover and have even done some nose-in.

Setting up Phoenix (which I almost wrote off when I first bought it) with Captain Jack's help made a huge difference. Now I think it's the greatest sim in the world ... as evidenced by the fact that it attracts great teachers!

Thanks, Jack!
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