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Good Stuff....

Thanks for the info.....

PP- Interesting, yes I remember when you did that a while ago. I'll probably do as you did and sheet the outboard sections. Also, something I have been thinking about is doing a lot more mod's to the Spirit such as:

1) keeping the leading edges of the outboard tips straight but tapering back rearward a little, putting less overall rearward sweep to the spars in the outboard sections and putting the angle changes for those sections in the trailing edges.
2) Cutting one or two more slightly longer inner ribs for the outboard sections and making a sorta Albatrossy Bird-of-Time-ish set of outboard sections. Maybe. We'll see. Some sorta Spirit-of-Time if you will.
3) Moving the horiz stab forward a smidge, moving the vert stab rearward a smidge and making the vert stab at least 50% bigger.
4) Maybe, just maybe putting in a 2-piece-takedown full flying horiz stab mounted mid way on the vert stab(built with a nice sturdy thicker airfoil to support/accomodate the horiz stab).
5) Extend the nose section so that I can maybe get away with adding no nose weight (or a whole lot less).
6) If I really get daring and ambitious, re-do the dihedral completely to a gullwing dihedral and maybe put in ailerons, change the horiz and vert stab shapes to more elliptical shapes.

All the wood is there in the box, I'll just add a little more. I know, it's a LOT of big ideas at this point, but since I've heard soooo many similar comments about tip-stall, instability, non-reaction to rudder, etc I think I'll likely not make it any worse. Plus, I'm flying my Easy Eagle with the CG pretty far back and reactive so I think I'm up to it. Hopefully.

Due to my overall situation, I'll likely get a 2M Riser and stay within that size range to do to a lot of factors making bigger than that not really practical or more of a hassle.

Gotta get back to work - Paul
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