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Originally Posted by jj604 View Post
The readings are not out by a decimal point. Mark's comment is correct. this meter is useless for measuring IR. The IR of modern reasonable sized LiPo cells is significantly lower than the resistance of the two balance leads and the contact resistance of the connectors. The designers just didn't understand what they were doing.
I guess I am not real concerned about absoute, scientific accuracy. Please explain to me why real accurate absolute readings are important if there is nothing we can do to change (improve) the IR? If we are only looking to see relative condition of our batteries and degradation over time, why can't the readings from this (not so good) meter satisfy that? Isn't that all a "good meter" would do?

Please understand I am not defending this meter, I am only trying to say that I don't care if it mesures "apples" and not "oranges". Because as long as I continue to use this same meter it will always be measuring "apples to apples" in relation to previous readings. Maybe this isn't a good analogy but it makes sense to me.

My readings give me a baseline of new (unused) batteries from which I can compare batteries in various stages of age and use. That's really all I want since I can't do anything about it anyway, except throw away the worst ones. Oh, I guess I could consider buying more expensive, name brand, batteries like ThunderPower or PolyQuest batteries that may not degrade as fast. Another possibility is that Rhinos might not be a good value afterall. But my Rhinos have not been given proper care, so I will hold off on that conclusion. Thanks again for your comments.
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